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Office plants 4 London

office plants and flowers for London & the South East

tropical office plant displays mixed

PLANTERS = Zander tall circular, Madison square, Grandeur tall wide square, Babylon square and Petra vase.

PLANTS = Pleomele character stem, Dracaena janet craig, Beaucarnea, Pleomele braided stem and Rhapis palm.


The tropical plant displays created by our design team are of the highest quality. Despite this, the average office plant display still only costs £2.50 - £3.50 per week to rent, & this includes our full aftercare service. Exceptional value in anyone's language.

We offer a wide range of planters to suit every conceivable location. The following are some of our most popular ranges. However, if you would prefer something different, please ask.

Having assisted you in choosing the most appropriate range, number and size of plant container, our designers will draw up specific planting proposals to complement your interior décor and ensure maximum visual impact from the displays. When the displays are delivered and installed, we also bring a range of extra plants so that final adjustments can be made to the proposed displays, if needed.

The flexibility and responsiveness of our plant display service materially differentiates it from those offered by either the large corporate firms or the small proprietor run firms. We offer an attractive option between these two extremes. A personal and responsive service backed by the resources of a larger firm. Try us and see the difference for yourself.

Striking office plants to enhance your office environment


We offer planters in a range of styles, sizes and colours, manufactured using a range of materials, both natural and man-made. This enables us to select the right style, colour and texture to suit all surroundings.

All of our glass reinforced polyester (G.R.P.) ranges are available in any of the many hundreds of shades in the BS5252 and RAL colour charts making it possible to choose a colour to match, or contrast with, the décor of your office. Alternatively, why not match your corporate colour scheme?  G.R.P. is a popular choice of material, being strong, light, durable and versatile. Many of the styles are available in both desk-top and floor-standing sizes and some can be made to a bespoke size.

We also offer planters which are finished using different materials, such as shells and bark.  However these planters are only available in a limited range of sizes and colours, although most of the colours are quite neutral making them suitable for a broad spectrum of locations. We are sure you will agree that any one of these planter styles, partnered with suitable plants, would provide both visual and environmental benefit to your offices.

The displays also give you an indication of some of the many plant varieties that are available, and we will help you select plants to suit your light conditions and budget.

Our Plant Displays